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France - Companies: brief overlook on changes in France since January 1, 2021

- Vu : 1039

Corporate income tax decrease - Production taxes decrease - Strengthening of companies’equity capital - New aids for employment

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Towards the European Union 2050 carbon neutrality target: the Disclosure and Taxonomy regulations, a revolution in sustainable finance?

- Vu : 1053

The transition to a sustainable economy is undoubtedly the challenge of the century. The European Union is committed to promoting investment in more sustainable activities and bringing more transparency to financial actors to this end.

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European Union list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes

6 October 2020

- Vu : 2162

The European Union’s Council updated on 6 October 2020 the European blacklist of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. 

These are countries that have refused to engage in a discussion with the EU or to remedy shortcomings in good governance for tax purposes at the global level. The purpose if this list is to ensure that the EU’s international partners respect the same standards as the Member States do.

Two countries are added to the blacklist, two were removed. 

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COVID-19 and impact on the negotiation of M&A transactions

- Vu : 2061

The health crisis related to COVID-19 had a significant impact on merger and acquisition transactions during this period. 

The announced economic crisis could also have a significant impact on the activity related to these transactions despite the measures taken by the French government. 

Companies, depending on their business sectors, may be in a range of situations from those not affected to those whose activities have been halted, suspended or affected. 

In this new period of crisis, relations between sellers and buyers will no longer be the same as the latter will try to manage as best they can the risks related to the deterioration of the economic context. As a consequence, risk management will be at the center of future M&A transactions.

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New formal notice on the basis of the vigilance law

Law n°2017-399 of March 27, 2017 relating to the duty of vigilance of parent companies and ordering companies

- Vu : 1278
Law n°2017-399 of March 27, 2017 relating to the duty of vigilance of parent companies and ordering companies requires certain large companies to establish and publish a vigilance plan aimed at preventing risks relating to environmental protection and fundamental rights. > Read more

COVID 19 – Control Regime Increase on Foreign Direct Investments in Europe

Part II

- Vu : 1138

Ahead of the Regulation (EU) 2019/452 dated March 19, 2019 regarding foreign direct investment (« FDI »), which will enter into force on 11 October 2020, and in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Germany decided in June to strengthen

  • the German Foreign Trade and Payments Act (“AWG” :Außenwirtschaftsgesetz) : the proposal amending the FDI Screening rules which passed the German Federal Government on 8 April 2020, was adopted by German Parliament on 18 June 2020,


  • the Foreign Trade Regulation (“AWV” : Außenwirtschaftsverordnung)
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Towards a European duty of vigilance?

- Vu : 2234

"I want to propose a new generational pact for tomorrow. The effects of the crisis mean that we will have to invest on an unprecedented scale, but we will ensure that the next European generation benefits from it. This is a great opportunity for Europe. It is time to add the chapter written by our generation for a sustainable Union. We owe it to future generations."

It was in these terms that Ursula von der Leyen presented to the European Parliament on 27 May the 750 billion euro recovery plan called "Next Generation EU".

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Impact of COVID-19 on certain restructuring transactions during the state of public health emergency period

Order of 25 March 2020 and Order of 15 April 2020 (Ordonnance N ° 2020-306 et Ordonnance n° 2020-427)

- Vu : 1429

The emergency Act No. 2020-290 dealing with the covid-19 epidemic of 23 March (Loi n° 2020-290 d'urgence pour faire face à l'épidémie de covid-19) created a state of public health emergency in France.

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The message of hope from the man who knew

- Vu : 1072
The man who knew is Bill Gates. At the age of 20, he anticipated the computer boom and was the forerunner of it. At the age of 60, he warned that the great short-term threat that humanity urgently needed to prepare for was a global pandemic. He devotes half of his fortune to fighting diseases and vaccinating the poorest people through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. > Read more

COVID 19 – Control Regime Increase on Foreign Direct Investments in Europe

Part I

- Vu : 1908
The European Union (EU) Regulation 2019/452 dated March 19, 2019 regarding foreign direct investment (« FDI ») screening Regulation introduces a screening of direct investments from non-EU countries and establishes a cooperation mechanism between Member States. Regulation (1) (EU) 2019/452 will enter into force on 11 October 2020 (2). > Read more

COVID-19 implications on french legal and business market

- Vu : 1523
All French law firms are impacted by the Covid 19 which results in a decrease of activity. Pursuant to an investigation commissioned by the French National Council of Law Societies, 4 out of 10 law firms in France suspended their activities and 80% of the law firms that did not suspend their activities estimate that their turnover has been reduced by half. However, smaller firms seem to be more impacted than larger firms which offer a larger scope of legal services. > Read more

French State of health emergency and adaptation of the rules for the presentation and the approval of companies’ financial statements

Order of 25 March 2020 (Ordonnance N° 2020-318)

- Vu : 1048

Pursuant to the Law of March 23, 2020 (Loi n° 2020-290) introducing a state of health emergency in France, the Order of March 25th (Ordonnance N ° 2020-318) has extended several time limits applicable to legal persons and entities without legal personality under private law, for the presentation and the approval of their financial statements.

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French State of health emergency and easing of the rules for meetings and deliberations of the governing bodies and the general meetings

Order of 25 March 2020 (Ordonnance N° 2020-321)

- Vu : 1384

To allow and facilitate remote participation for companies, the French government has subsequently adopted an Order (Ordonnance N° 2020-321) on March 25th allowing a easing of the rules for meetings and deliberations of the governing bodies and the general meetings.

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Brexit & transition period

- Vu : 1284

After three and a half years of negotiations, Brexit has finally become a reality. The execution of the withdrawal agreement and its entry into force on 31 January 2020, marks the end of the period provided for in Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) and the beginning of a transitional period.

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The Vigilance Act: a first legal action has been initiated in France

- Vu : 2305

The very first legal action under the French Act No. 2017-399 of 27 March 2017 on the duty of vigilance of mother companies and multinationals or principals, also known as the "Potier Act" or “Vigilance Act”, has been brought.

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Modifications in the remuneration of corporate officers of listed companies

Order No. 2019-1234 and Decree No. 2019-1235 of 27 November 2019

- Vu : 1309

Order no. 2019-1234 and Decree no. 2019-1235 of 27 November 2019 transpose EU Directive 2017/828 of 17 May 2017, which aims to promote long-term commitment of shareholders, and reorganize the obligations relating to the remuneration of corporate officers in listed companies.

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