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The Republic of Armenia is a country located in the South Caucasus, bordering Georgia to the North, Azerbaijan to the East, Iran to the Southeast and Turkey to the West.

With 29800 sqkm and a population of 2,924,816 (2016), Armenia is the 3rd most densely populated of the Former Soviet Republics. In 2016, its GDP amounted to $10,547 billion.

The Armenian industry is heavily dependent on imports of energy and raw materials.

Armenia’s major import partner and export destination is Russia; other major trading partners include Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Iran, Syria, and Central Asian countries.

In terms of economic relations, France is the second-largest foreign investor in Armenia behind Russia, totaling €42.5 million in 2016 (35,6M€ exports and 6,9M€ imports).

A significant number of French companies have subsidiaries in Armenia, particularly in the agri-food industry, the water services sector and the banking sector.

Since November 4th, 1995, France and Armenia have been linked by an intergovernmental agreement on cultural, scientific and technical cooperation. The flagship of the two countries’ bilateral cooperation is the French University in Armenia (UFAR), which takes in over 1,000 students each year for courses in law, business and management that lead to a French and Armenian dual degree, in partnership with Lyon III University.


In this context, Simon Associés entered into a strategic alliance agreement with AM Law Firm, headquartered in Yerevan, with offices in Gyumri and Artsakh.


AM Law Firm is one of the biggest law firms in Armenia. The firm was founded in 2012 as a result of a merger of two prominent law firms which were operating in the market for about 10 years.

AM Law Firm offers a full range of services by high-rate professionals, support and assistance in litigations at any level: Tax and customs, Trademark, Debts Collection, Pecuniary disputes, Insurance, Divorce, Copyright, Labor disputes, Legal issues abroad, Honor and dignity protection, Supply and Transportation Issues.

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