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The Federative Republic of Brazil is a 8 511 965 sqkm-wide country, representing a significant part of South America. It is the 5th largest and most-populous country on Earth.

Brazil is bordered by Uruguay to the South, by Argentina and Paraguay to the Southwest, by Bolivia and Peru to the West, by Columbia to the Northwest and by Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana and French Guyana to the North. It is also bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the East.

Brazil is the world’s 7th economic leader with 207,8 million people, and a $1799 billion GDP in 2016.

First Latin American economy and 9th largest GDP globally, this economic giant has undeniable assets: abundant natural resources (oil, gas, minerals, hydro-electric potential), associated with a dynamic and diverse industry (food industry, biofuels, aerospace, automotive) and a modern service economy. Brazil is a historically big agricultural producer. However, the relative importance of Brazilian agriculture has been declining since the mid-20th century when the country entered into urbanization, and began to exploit its mineral, industrial, and hydroelectric potential.

Brazil’s political stability and its economic evolution attract many investors. This country has hosted international sport events (2014’s World Cup and 2016’s Olympic Games) to convey a positive national image to the world. Its geographical location has made the United States, Argentina, China and South Korea, its major suppliers.

French-Brazilian bilateral trade doubled between 2003 and 2013. Brazil is France’s 1st export market in Latin America, attracting 2/3rd of French exports in the region. France is the 4th net investor in Brazil, with investment projects aimed at gaining significant market shares in targeted sectors

France traditionally imports agro-food products and oil from Brazil, as well as industrial products. French exports to Brazil are mainly composed of industrial products (aerospace, automotive and automotive equipment, pharmaceuticals, etc.).

France has been Brazil’s 1st European partner in scientific and academic matters for decades. The scientific bilateral partnership is mainly focused on research and technological innovation.


In this context Simon Associés entered into a strategic alliance agreement with GTLawyers, headquartered in São Paulo, with offices in Rio de Janeiro and Goiânia.



GTLawyers law firm is specialized in many fields such as Real estate, Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Heavy and automotive industry, Innovation and technology, Food and beverage, Mining, and more.

GTLawyers’ team has a high level of commitment and deep experience in transactions involving foreign and francophone investments in Brazil.

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