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Because of its geographic situation, the Republic of Cameroon is a natural gateway to Central Africa.

Cameroon gathers 22.5 million inhabitants, living in a territory covering 475,000 sqkm. The country shares its borders with Chad, Nigeria, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and the Central African Republic.

Cameroon’s agricultural and mining resources have led the development of trade and diplomatic relations with other countries, especially major emerging countries.

Cameroon is France’s 1st trade partner in Central Africa, excluding oil trade. Furthermore, Cameroon is driven by large-scale structural projects, launched by local authorities aiming at stimulating the economy.

France remains one of the three main investors in Cameroon, alongside the USA and Malaysia.

There are hundreds of French subsidiaries in hydrocarbons, agriculture, cement, wood/timber, construction, telecommunications and in the logistics sector.

The implantation of approximately 200 Franco-Cameroonian SME-SMI, indicates the vitality of economic ties between Cameroon and France.


In this context, Simon Associés entered into a strategic alliance agreement with Henri Job Law Firm, located in Duala.



Led by the well-known lawyer Henri JOB, this law firm developed practices in business law, with expertise in the following sectors: Insurance, Tax, Corporate, Joint-Ventures, M&A, Bank, Intellectual Property, Mediation & Litigation, Labor, Oil & Gaz, Maritime, Aviation.

Henri Job Law Firm is a member of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization in West and Central Africa.

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