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Although French SMEs and STIs are increasingly present internationally, they are not yet enough. Only 30% to 40% French SMEs and STIs are present internationally, compared to a 70% to 75% average rate in other European countries.

A number of factors can explain this observation: the age of entrepreneurs, the complexity of administrative forms from one country to another, the difficulty in identifying business partners, but also difficulties to recruit.

In most cases, French companies develop globally following an opportunistic approach, and not by adopting a five- or ten-year business strategy. 

SIMON International, the international network developed by SIMON Associés Law Firm, benefits from strong links in the main regions of the world, on each and every continent.

"Going abroad" means a lot of time and efforts spent on the part of entrepreneurs, as it implies traveling to the targeted country to see by oneself and understand. Above all, entrepreneurs must measure the adaptation capacity of their company in a given country, by taking into account factors such as: mentalities, operation method, habits and customs, behavior of the targeted client, etc. A key to succeed is also the product/market match.

Our Law Firm develops its international activities by concluding strategic alliance agreement with first class law firms in each country, and by connecting with export consulting institutions such as Business France, the local chamber of commerces, in order to better assist companies in their development strategy abroad.

Indeed, "going abroad" is first and foremost about teaming up with counterparts able to carry the international project and share the firm's culture. A French & local team is crucial in such a context.

​SIMON Associés also leads a daily analysis and monitoring on international issues, about new countries to explore, opportunities for acquisitions or settlements abroad, as well as available financing resources.

This overall international expertise allows SIMON Avocats to advise foreign companies in France, as well as French companies in their relations with foreign companies.

International expansion, insofar as it is secured, creates value.

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