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The Republic of Paraguay is a landlocked country of 406,752 sqkm with a total population representing 7,053,384 people. Paraguay is bordered by Argentina to the South and Southwest, Brazil to the East and Northeast, and Bolivia to the Northwest. Due to its central location in South America, it is sometimes referred to as the “Heart of South America”.

Paraguay is one of the top exporters of soybeans in the world. The country’s other main exports are meat products, wheat, corn, and hydroelectricity. Paraguay’s principal export destinations are Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Italy, and Uruguay.

Paraguay’s economy is distinguished by a large informal sector, featuring re-export of imported consumer goods to neighboring countries, as well as the activities of thousands of microenterprises and urban street vendors. Nonetheless, over the last 10 years the Paraguayan economy diversified dramatically, with the energy, auto-components and clothing industry sectors leading the way.

Paraguay imports machinery, petroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, and automobile and bus parts. China, Brazil, Argentina, the United States, and Japan are the main sources of Paraguay’s imports.

However, France remains a modest trading partner for Paraguay.

Paraguay is France’s 16th-largest market in Latin America. French exports have increased sharply and have more than doubled since 2010.

France’s commercial presence focuses on the medical, cosmetics, automotive, agricultural machinery, agri-food and chemicals sectors, on the services sector, as well as infrastructure.

French firms are showing a growing interest in the opportunities offered by Paraguay.


In this context, Simon Associés entered into a strategic alliance agreement with Moreno, Ruffinelli & Asociados law firm.




Moreno Ruffinelli & Asociados combines history, knowledge and innovation in attaining legal solutions through the provision of comprehensive and first-rate services

The firm’s solid position in the market is due to a unique combination between the extraordinary accomplishments, expertise and reputation of the founder and other senior partners, and a locally unrivalled new generation of attorneys with a dynamic and modern outtake on the local and international legal arena.

Each of the department has its own area of expertise and works in coordination to achieve effective and timely responses. They are specialized in the following areas: Banking & Finance, Corporate, M&A and Commercial, Foreign investment and international business transactions, Natural Resources & Energy law, Litigation & Arbitration, Administrative Law & Public bidding.

In 2018, Moreno Ruffelli & Associados received the distinctiion "Recommended" in many areas such as Arbitration, Banking & Finance, Coporate and M&A by the Latin Lawyer 250.

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