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Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula, bordered by Spain to the East, and the Atlantic Ocean to the West. Its territory includes Azores and Madeira, two archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean. The Portuguese Republic is the westernmost country of Europe. It’s 92.226 sqkm, with a total population close to 10 million, and a $328.252 billion GDP in 2017.

For a relatively small country, Portugal has a large foreign trade. Total imports (primarily food and beverages, wheat, crude oil, machinery, automobiles, and raw materials) generally have far outpaced total exports. Among Portugal’s chief exports are automobiles and transport components, machine tools, textiles, clothing, footwear, paper pulp, wine, cork, plastic molds, and tomato paste. EU countries are Portugal’s principal trading partners, with Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom accounting for roughly half of imports and exports.

The service sector is extremely important to Portugal’s economy, accounting for more than three-fifths of total output. Tourism has surged to become a major industry, and millions of people visit Portugal annually. Notable tourist destinations include Lisbon, the Algarve, and the Douro valley. Visitors from France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom make up the bulk of tourists.

Economic relations between France and Portugal reflect and maintain our excellent bilateral relationship: as one of Portugal’s leading trade partners, France was the third-largest supplier and second-largest customer in 2016.

French companies in Portugal are ranked second behind Spain in terms of the number of companies present (582), employees (61,598) and turnover (€14.274 billion). 12% of foreign companies in Portugal are French.


It is in this context that Simon Associés entered into a strategic alliance agreement to work with the renowned Portuguese law firm Abreu Advogados.


More information about the firm at:



Abreu Avodgados is an independent law firm created in 1993, providing assistance on the following practice areas: Banking and Finance Law; Competition, Regulatory and EU Law; Corporate and Commercial Law; Employment Law; Intellectual Property and IT Law; Litigation; Public Law and Environmental Law; Real Estate Law; Sports Law; Tax Law.

Abreu Advogados was distinguished in the area of "Pensions and Benefits 2018" by Who's Who Legal ranking 2018, and in the area of "Labor & Employment"  electing as references in those branches of the law in Portugal, through the vote of customers and peers on a global scale.

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