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The Republic of Senegal is a country in western Africa located at the westernmost point of the continent and served by multiple air and maritime travel routes. Senegal is known as the “Gateway to Africa.” 

Senegal is 196 722 sqkm with a total population close to 15,7 million people (ANSD, 2018). In 2016 the GDP of Senegal was $14.8 billion.

Senegal is the 120th largest export economy in the world. The Senegalese economy has traditionally revolved around a single cash crop: peanut. The government, however, has worked to diversify both cash crops and subsistence agriculture by expanding into commodities such as cotton, garden produce, and sugarcane as well as by promoting nonagricultural sectors.

Senegal’s most important source of income comes from fishing, tourism and aqua-farming.

The top export destinations of Senegal are Mali, Switzerland, India, Ivory Coast and China; when its top import sources are China, France, India, the Netherlands and Belgium. Its top exports are Refined Petroleum, Gold, Non-fillet Frozen Fish, Cement and Phosphoric Acid. Its top imports are Refined Petroleum, Crude Petroleum, Rice, Cars and Packaged Medicaments.

Considering its geography and its political stability, Senegal has maintained its attractiveness among investors. France remains Senegal’s first business partner, both in terms of trade and investments.

Several French multinational companies operate in Senegal. French subsidiaries (about a hundred), and Senegalese legal entity, owned by French actors represent 25% of Senegal’s GPD and tax revenue. These also represent 15,000 jobs in this country.


In this context, Simon Associés entered into a strategic alliance agreement with SCP Mame Adama Gueye & Associés (SCP MAGA), located in Dakar.



SCP Mame Adama Gueye & Associés is a leading business law firm in Senegal, with an excellent reputation based on its proven expertise and credibility.

SCP MAGA works in several fields of general law and business law including Commercial Law, Mining Law, Contracts Law, Competition Law, Banking, Project Finance, Insurance, Corporate, Taxation, Intellectual Property and Copyright Law, Labour Law, Investment, Civil aviation and Property Law.

Since 2003, SCP Mame Adama Gueye & Associés has been ranked permanently by Chambers Global as one of the top 2 law firms in Senegal. In addition, it is one of the few law firms in Senegal to be bilingual and able to provide its services in both French and English. As a result, the company regularly provides legal assistance to multinational companies based in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
In addition, thanks to the quality of its services, SCP Mame Adama Gueye & Associés is recommended by the Embassies of USA, France, Spain, Great Britain and Germany in Dakar.

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