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The Republic of Tunisia is a country of North Africa, it is 162.155 sqkm-wide, with a total population of 11.446 million people.

It’s bordered by Algeria to the West, Libya to the Southeast, and by the Mediterranean Sea to the East. Tunisia is one of Africa’s largest economies, with a $42,06 billion GDP in 2016. It remains dominated by only a few large sectors: a growing manufacturing sector that has received much investment, and agricultural products. The Tunisian economy also depends heavily on mineral exports (petroleum and phosphates) and has dramatically developed the services sector. Remittances from migrant workers living abroad constitute a growing source of revenues.

The government expects to revive economic activity through structural reforms, especially by attracting foreign investors.

France has a strong historical and economic relationship with Tunisia. France is the leading foreign investor and leading trading partner of Tunisia (30% Tunisian exports heading to France, 15% Tunisian imports coming from France). France ranked 1st in terms of businesses set up in Tunisia (1,300) and the number of direct jobs created. France is also the leading provider of bilateral public development assistance in Tunisia (2,5 billion euros).

About 30,000 French citizens are leaving in Tunisia, and close to 700,000 Tunisians leave in France (over 12,000 students).

French culture and education have a special status in Tunisia: 13 French schools opened in Tunisia (12,500 pupils). Bilateral cooperation in the field of tourism was launched in 2003 with the signing of a cooperation agreement and a work program (570,000 French tourists in Tunisia).


In this context, Simon Associés entered into a strategic alliance agreement with El Ajeri Lawyers.



El Ajeri Lawyers is an international standing firm wich offers expertise in all fields of business law. El Ajeri Lawyers is specialized in the domains such as: Corporate, Legal and notary services, Industrial and intellectual property, Tax law - Finance and investment, Banking - Insurance and reinsurance, Litigation, Alternative dispute-settlement methods, International.

El Ajeri Lawyers is a multidisciplinary team, and highly specialized.

Highly involved with their clients, El Ajeri Lawyers assist them throughout life: from the conception and creation of a project, as it develops and as legal issues arise, including through special transactions, whether in Tunisia or abroad.

Experienced in all fields of business law, El Ajeri Lawyers’ attorneys are attentive and listen proactively to understand the real needs of their client, look out for his best interests and provide a custom-fit, personalized service for any sized company or field of operation.

El Ajeri Lawyers was selected "International Transactions Law Firm of the Year in Tunisia" in the 2016 Global Law Experts Annual Awards.

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